The Holy Moments Movement

There is a universal longing to change the direction the world is heading in.

Men and women across our country are looking at the mess of the world and wondering, “How did it get like this? Is it even possible to turn it all around? Can anything I do actually make a difference?”

For a long time, there’s been little hope. These men and women have felt scattered and helpless. Until now.

Now, they are being empowered and united by one astonishingly simple idea. That idea is Holy Moments. 

It began with one man walking down the street who had a life-changing thought: “Some moments are holy. Some moments are unholy. And you get to decide.” That idea changed everything. It brought him a joy that couldn’t be contained. So he shared that idea with another person, then another, then another.

That process has been duplicated across hundreds of thousands of lives.

Kim in California received the book from a friend and creating Holy Moments breathed new life into her marriage. Now, she brings copies of the book wherever she goes to share with others.

Gina watched a video on Holy Moments and the idea redefined her role as a teacher. Now, she’s implemented a Holy Moments curriculum in her entire school.

Jim in Florida got the book in the mail and rediscovered his boldness. Now, he’s shared the joy of Holy Moments with his whole zip code.

One simple idea is inspiring people like these all across the country. Together, they are realizing that they are the opposite of helpless. They have found a reason to hope. And they know that if they share the idea with enough people, we can shift the direction of the world, one Holy moment at a time.

That’s the power of Holy Moments. What will it do for you?