What Is a Holy Moment?

Some ideas are so powerful that simply becoming aware of them changes our lives forever. Holy Moments is such an idea.

Once you hear the undeniable truth that “Some moments are holy, some moments are unholy, and you get to decide,” the idea is impossible to forget. You cannot unhear it. It creates an immediate paradigm shift. Everywhere you go you see opportunities to participate in Holy Moments, you see other people collaborating with God to create Holy Moments, and you witness possible Holy Moments being squandered. You will see Holy Moments for the rest of your life, whether you do something about them or not.

And the world desperately needs you to do something about them.

The world is a mess. I could quote statistics, but your own experience confirms this sad truth. I know I’m not alone in worrying about what kind of world my children and our grandchildren will inherit if we continue down this path.

How did it get this way? Unholy moments. Yours, mine, everyone’s.

Which means there’s just one way out of this mess. Holy Moments. Yours, mine, everyone’s.

That’s why Holy Moments is so much more than a book. It’s the most effective tool for igniting a movement that can actually turn the tide in our culture by empowering ordinary people to live one Holy Moment at a time.

Most people spend their lives wondering if they can actually make a difference in this messy and broken world. If it’s even possible to turn it all around.

Holy Moments announce boldly, “You can do something about it! And you can do something right now.”

Holy Moments isn’t just a book. It’s the much needed solution to our problems. And it’s time to unleash it.